Joshua Steele Kelly

Professional Services

Whether it's through campaign management services, performing wedding ceremonies, or providing lectures, I have wide-ranging knowledge and experiences that may be able to assist you in just the way you need. Please read below for more information about the services I can provide for you.

Campaign Management & Political Consulting

I am a self-taught campaign manager and political consultant, having worked as either the Campaign Manager or consultant during six different elections. My campaign work has transcended party lines and helped to place very wise and caring community leaders in local office and has helped further policy discussions on the sate level. While my current hired position bars me from acting as a full-time campaign manager at the present time, I am interested in and eager to hear from prospective candidates who are in need of part-time management help or consultants. I review requests on a case-by-case basis and give preference to candidates with conviction, who have a true passion for public service, and who generally align with my views on government.

Please see my resume or contact me for more information about the past campaigns that I have either managed or for which I consulted. As of January, 2021, the win rate for campaigns that I have worked on is ~61%.

Wedding Ceremonies

As a Justice of the Peace for the State of Connecticut, I have the legal ability to marry individuals anywhere within the state limits. I will work with you in advance to create the ceremony you've dreamed of having together. My goal is to have the ceremony fit your style as a couple, the tone you want to set for the remainder of your celebration, and incorporate your respective family values and traditions all at once. Your ceremony will be your most cherished memory, and the event that your friends won't be able to stop talking about for years to come!

As a part of my services, I will walk you through applying for, receiving, and filing your marriage certificate. My fees are $50.00 per hour spent preparing for and attending the event plus IRS-rate reimbursement for mileage from my house to the ceremony and back again. Please note that this is separate from the $30.00 processing fee for the marriage license. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and tell me a bit more about you and your wedding, including the date, and I'll be in touch soon.

Other Professional Services

My current full-time work is in the appointed position of Town Administrator in the Town of Bolton, Connecticut, and thus I am not able to accept other full-time jobs at this time. From time to time, however, I have been asked to present lectures and facilitate activities at local colleges, including the University of Connecticut, and with local advocacy groups, including the Southeastern Regional Action Council (SERAC). I also make myself available to others in the profession to discuss matters related to local government and public administration.

If you wish to have me lecture, present, or speak at your school or organization, if you wish to speak with me about matters related to public affairs, or if you have another request of me, please fill out the contact form below.

Contact Josh

Thank you for contacting me - I will be back in touch with you just as soon as possible. In the event that you haven't heard back within 24 hours of submitting your message, please email me directly at or call me at 860-501-9576 to ensure that I received your message.
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